Be My Socks

I woke

up to the

memories of

pain. Like fresh

feet on a

sticky floor,

I wanted to step

to the ground

and feel only

the smooth wood,

but today was

not that day.


My Dream Last Night

I dreamt of a

beast last night,

a beast that had

fallen in love with


a beast that terrorized

the town until I

loved him back.

I reluctantly put

my hand in his,

and maybe I loved

everyone else

more than myself,

or maybe deep

down I longed

for the fiery passion

of the beast,

because love is

suppose to hurt,




That Quiet Buzz

That sound of all

the things existing,

like the robotic hum

and clunk of the

dryer I use to listen to.


But no,

its not really like


It melts into me

until I don’t

need to  hear it.

And when the sudden

silence jerks me,

I’m left wondering

what feels

so empty.