Be My Socks

I woke

up to the

memories of

pain. Like fresh

feet on a

sticky floor,

I wanted to step

to the ground

and feel only

the smooth wood,

but today was

not that day.



I can feel all

of the spaces

between my


Slim like the spaces

between books

in a book shelf.


tingle, the

smallest crevices

of my body.

And they long to be



My Dream Last Night

I dreamt of a

beast last night,

a beast that had

fallen in love with


a beast that terrorized

the town until I

loved him back.

I reluctantly put

my hand in his,

and maybe I loved

everyone else

more than myself,

or maybe deep

down I longed

for the fiery passion

of the beast,

because love is

suppose to hurt,




That Quiet Buzz

That sound of all

the things existing,

like the robotic hum

and clunk of the

dryer I use to listen to.


But no,

its not really like


It melts into me

until I don’t

need to  hear it.

And when the sudden

silence jerks me,

I’m left wondering

what feels

so empty.


Her shoe broke

on the brick


a hollow heel

followed by

a hollow trot

like the sound

of a horse.

‘Thats so punk’

he told her

when she crossed

her  legs revealing

the wounded


She stared at

the coffee drop

rolling down

the edge of the


How bizarre it

was to her that her

scattered stains,

loose strings

and hollow heels

could be anything

other than the

manifestation of

her own demons,

that perhaps

it could

be something



My star


I woke up this morning feeling utterly useless. I’m ashamed to admit how insecure I am in my art and in myself. I’m ashamed to admit the horrible things I say to myself, how I am never happy with the things I make. And this morning as I creep out from under my shell I feel the overwhelming urge to share these things I never dared to utter. So please listen to me, please someone, something take this horrible hate that lives inside of me away. I am so tired of hating myself, I am so tired of never feeling good enough. I just want to be loved. I want to be loved by myself. I want to paint beautiful things, I want to create earth-shattering gorgeousness. And today I feel so extremely far from all of my goals that they appear as small as a star. Will I ever reach my star?

Pink Cellophane

Mythical brightness

in pink cellophane

glistens around

a spiraled sweet.

Do you wish to hear

the whispers of

crunchy plastic

as you untwist it,

undress it?

And when you

bite into it,

how refreshing

it is to find that

it tastes all too


Salvia builds

and the sweetness

touches the back

part of your

mouth that

makes you



Its gone.

Broken Doll

Reconstructed porcelain

doll, painted eyes

and beauty in her


But if you were

to reach out to

stroke her cheek,

you’d recoil, only

to find a red drop

march down the

creases of your


Beauty she has, but

smoothness she lacks.

Perhaps she’s better

off sitting on your

shelf, a glorified

book end.