My Art

Hey guys,

I’m posting more of my art onto my etsy shop. I am trying to keep my paintings at affordable prices so the people that want them will be able to buy them. Supporting my art would mean so much to me. I use my art as a tool to heal, so supporting my art will allow me to continue to heal through art. Message me at any times if you have any questions or ever see something I post that you like. Hope you all the best.

xoxo Sara


My Dream Last Night

I dreamt of a

beast last night,

a beast that had

fallen in love with


a beast that terrorized

the town until I

loved him back.

I reluctantly put

my hand in his,

and maybe I loved

everyone else

more than myself,

or maybe deep

down I longed

for the fiery passion

of the beast,

because love is

suppose to hurt,