A ladybug

landed on

my nipple.



A hollow vessel

shoved to

the rim

with damp cloths

old twigs,

shiny metal,

love notes

all drenched

in a stench

of sadness.


I am a mouse


trinkets into

my hole,


that I am only


and tired.

And as I cram

the stolen

sock into my

stash, I realize

there is no

longer room

for me.


Cold Coffee

I love coffee, but for whatever reason I take so much time to drink it that it gets cold. I almost always have to microwave my coffee before I finish it. I guess I get distracted. Sometimes I feel like this blog is like that coffee, and I’ve let it get cold. BUT I really want to work on this, and to start posting more consistently. So if you are someone who enjoys my content, all of which by the way is made by me, than get ready cause you will be seeing a lot more of me.