My pet peeve


IMG_8652.JPGI hate losing things. I hate misplacing things. Nothing makes me feel more crazy than not being able to find something. What is your pet peeve?


In my Head


Sometimes when I’m alone, I pretend I’m not. Probably a habit developed out of necessity. But the thing is when I’m doing things only for me, its like I’m not. Its like I censor my own thoughts as if someone were listening in. And I am exhausted.

I long to spend my day in the sun


I love the smell of sunscreen. Sometimes in the winter time I wear it like perfume. I love floating in the pool, in the sun. There is something about floating in water with a friend that just sparks a beautiful conversation. So rare for me to feel this good in the summer, so rare for me to do the things I actually enjoy. But you best bet this summer I’m spending my time being happy, warm, and laughing.


I felt like a nesting bird as my eyes scanned for colorful pieces of trash poking through the grass. My favorite thing I found was the unicorn sticker, and a close second was the mamba wrapper. I have never heard of this candy, but it seems like its delicious. I added a little whimsy in my life by turning my walk into a scavenger hunt. I plan to use the things I found along the way in my art. I love bringing back life to discarded things.

Pink and Blue


Its the morning and I’m drinking a cup of coffee, wearing my favorite pink with red hearts sleep gown. I wanted to write a poem. But I just couldn’t find the words. ~~~~ I wish I could sing. I wish my voice was like butterscotch. I long to be so sweet that I give you cavities.