My Vision Board???


So I started this journal page with the idea of making a vision board. I don’t know why, and I don’t even think I really know what that even entails. As I was cutting things out I started to feel really frustrated, and decided to just abandon my idea and just make something. And I actually began to enjoy what I was doing. When I finished, I looked at it, and felt that this somehow was my vision board, it felt like the things I wanted. It actually made me kind of emotional, but to be fair almost everything makes me emotional. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but I just wanted to share this experience. Because I have come to learn when I put less pressure on myself, I can truly let myself express freely. Does this make sense to you? Do you relate? Let me know 🙂


A summer walk

As she walked

over the grimy

grate, she clinched

the key in her hand

so hard, that she

imagined it

morphing through

her skin and

falling down

the holes.

Amazed that her

brain was able

to make her

worry about

impossible things,

she kept walking

making sure to

step on as many

soggy leaves

as she could.


As she sat on

her friends bed

stroking the

faded gray lamb,

little tufts of fur

like dryer lint,

she thought of

how she never

had a stuffed animal

that she slept with,

never a blanky,

never a worn

bear with an

eye missing.

And she wondered

if this is why

she craved comfort?

Had she of had

a pale blue bunny

to sleep with

growing up,

would she no longer

feel so lonely in

her own bed?

Loose Thread

She watched him play

with a thread

in-between his


twirling and twirling.

As she stared

she couldn’t tell

if it was him spinning

the thread,

or the thread spinning


She imagined the

loose sweater thread


and twisting up his arm,

back on to him.

And who else

would be able

to tell the

sweater was

actually wearing him?