I Dream a Seascape



The sun is what holds me

The white lines

hovered the hardwood


I put my foot in them

and watched the

lines bend.

I could feel

the day’s 65 degree

sunbeams curling

around my toes.

I stretch out

on the leather

couch, entirely

within the white

lines now,

and I drift away to

the sounds

of family.

But the sun is

what holds me.


I miss the sea

The car was salty and sandy,

The fabric of the seats smelled humid.

My purple beach towel was wrapped around me,

I placed my head against the door

And let my hand wave in the air

I was moving far way.

The salty humid smell was like a weak perfume

and the mermaid’s music became

a distant sound,


while my eyes gently fell asleep

Snake Honey Thaw

It slithered from

my toes, to up

my neck

like a snake.

A snake waiting

for ice to thaw,

waiting for a

sluggish prey.

And did you

hear that?



Were those

even my words?


I want them to taste

like honey, I

want you to

put em in your tea,

sweetin’ up your


But the thing is

I ain’t ever heard

of a snake making

friends with the bees.