Dreaming of Summer

There was this whole week of summer, where the strawberries were sparkling with sweet red juice. I probably ate a tub of those every day. And the air was perfect. The temperature was warm, but the kind of warm you don’t notice too much. The kind of warm that makes you forget about hot or cold. In the morning I would go outside before I could think. In my underwear and baggy t shirt. And the white crisp lines from the pool glimmered on the awning. I would step on to the top step of the white stairs –look at the trees, the sky– then jump. And in that small second before I fell in the water I would always think ‘I’m doing this right now, this is me.’ Little bubbles wrapped around me. My hair stretched and floated like ribbons. My hair spreading, like a spill. I glided back to the surface and floated on my back. And those little moments when the sun touched my ear made me smile.


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