Let Your Light Touch Me


A selfish haze

has  lifted off

of me,

and I see


A light that

has always

been there,

and although

this gleam

feels shocking,

scary to my

freshly opened


it also feels

so familiar,

so right,

and so warm.



I know

Let me write

about the spaces

in my mouth,

the bones,

little bumps that

curve around

my thighs,

that itch



let me write

about the

heat of my eyes,

the hot spots

on my brain,

and how when

I take a sip

I feel it all

the way down,

because these

are the things

that I know.

And wouldn’t

you love

to know too?



There is a crack,

a break

along my side

tracing up my

hips and waist

and from it spills

my goop, nectar

my ghosts. Pouring

out like a slow

heavy leak in a

syrup bottle,

a sticky mess.

Are you only

here to eat it

up? To steal

my sweetness

that drains?

Did you think

I wouldn’t know,

wouldn’t notice?

How do you

think I became

broken in the

first place?

Blue Specs

Follow the specs

of chipped blue

nail polish, and

you’ll find me,


bare nails with

a few spots of

blue remaining,

wondering why I

can’t leave things


Forgive me,

but I cant

hear you until

I pick off of the

last blue spot.




Like embroidery thread

Like embroidery

thread strung

through skin,

blue and flesh

colored lines

wrapped around

hands that have

forgotten how not

to shake.

It bothers me,

and I watch him

put his 2% milk

on the conveyer-belt,

and the onion with

dry wrinkles like

his own. His hands

quiver like he is

nervous, but I

know thats not

the reason.