Flames and Nostalgia

Calla lily flame

flickers up

and down

drawing me

in, orange

and warm,

and I try

not to get


but I think

of you,

I think of the


light casted on

your face

as flames

were blown

out of some

brave girls


strange how

these memories

become like

post cards

just a snippet.

Because I am

here, right

now, starring

into a candle

flame, wishing

the warmth

would fill

me up, wishing

I could feel

the strength

of flames

escaping my

body, burning up

those snippetsĀ and

spreading like

a coffee spill.



Run your

hands over

my hips,

bones with

skin pulled

tight. And I

can’t explain

my fascination

with wanting to

be explored,

with wanting

you to feel

all my bones


when you can

feel my

bone so

close to the


maybe you

can understand


Your heat

Your heat radiates,

because you are

alive, your cells

working hard enough

to influence the

surrounding atmosphere,

to influence me,

to warm me.

Do you notice

my warmth too?

Do you notice

the beauty in

the space between

us, how together

living, breathing

we influence the

surronding atmosphere?

A special, fleeting

warmth that makes

me smile.

Soap Sud Slidin

As I watched

the soap sud

slide down my

thigh, I was

reminded of

the young days

watching water

drops slide,

race down the


strange how

something abiotic,

can seem so

full of life.

Years later,

I’m still