A Strange Hedonist

She darted in

between the


tracing the

dark grey leaf

shapes on

the sidewalk.

A strange hedonist.

She ran her

hand across

the string lights

trimming the

underside of

the counter.

A strange type

of hedonist.

The type that

wears orange

garland trimmed


Bathes in

bubbles nightly.

A hedonist that

most didn’t


Out of confusion

or maybe envy,

she could feel

a hatred from


You tell her

to be herself

but what about

when that

it too much

for you?

A strange hedonist.

Taking pleasure

from being

herself, enjoying

the beauties

of life, and

strange thoughts

that flowed

through her head.

A strange

hedonist that

couldn’t help

but feeling



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