Soggy Fabric

The first thing was a gray scarf that she found in a Kroger parking lot. Its ends were fraying and it has a little yellow or maybe white seagull embroidered on the corner. I remember picturing all the feet and tires that had compressed it further into the cement. Then it was a hat. A purple and black raven knit cap. But in a gas station parking lot she picked up a pair of white gloves. I still wear them sometimes. After a wash they were fine and that’s how it always is. I don’t know why, but there is a trend in dropping winter accessories in parking lots. Maybe the wind blows their scarf away or their teeth grab ahold of the finger sleeves and pull so they can have their hands bare. But most people don’t pick them up. They walk over them or walk around with their eyes rolling the way their heels roll away from the soggy fabric.


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