She ran her hands over the seashells she had collected and shook the sand out and on the floor. She stared at her lamp and hoped it would never go out. “It’s time for bed.” She ran in to bed and closed her eyes tightly to stay away from the dark.

Before that her Mom yelled at her in the car. The seats were wet with salt water and the car was humid. She cried as she traveled further away from the shore.

Before that she was by herself. She watched her footprints turn dark in the sand. The dark waves looked like mouths trying to eat the shore. She clinched on to the seashells in her hand, crumbling a few of them.

Before that she found the perfect seashell. A milky white color that seemed to get milkier as the spiral meet in the middle.

Before that she was in search of the perfect seashell. She just kept walking as her family became smaller and smaller.

Before that her Mom put sunscreen on her while she talked about how lovely the weather was.


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