You are the scab

You are the scab

on my left knee:

gross and painful 

but still I’m compelled

to pick at it. 


When he was a kid

When he was a kid

he stretched his face

to the white sky

tongue out like when

the doctor puts a popsicle

stick on it.

And caught a snowflake

on his eye.

It was then he realized

that things often didn’t

go the way he expected

them to.

Later on he would look

back on that moment

after failed relationships

and wonder what would

have been different

if he had just tilted

his head back a little further

She flossed her teeth

She flossed her teeth

until it bled.

She pulled the string

out from between her teeth

and looked at the red

stains on the floss.

She thought that this

may not be the best vice

but certainly not the worst.

She coiled the floss around

her finger, watching it turn 

pink and started to 

pluck at the bottom row.