A silk pink night gown

A silk pink night gown

hung on an old

big lots hanger.

There were holes around

the lace and some

parts were duller than others.

It used to be in that

old smoked up house

that you drove by once

with rotting flowers

on wallpaper

and rips exposing the

bare dry wall

like a bad cough.

She wore it while

sitting on the reclining chair

watching car by car

go by



Copyright – All rights reserved – – June 30, 2014

She dipped her feet

She dipped her feet

in the pool and watched

the grass strands rise.

It reminded her of

summers with her sister.

Sprinklers, slip n slides

and kool-aid stains.

With a sigh she put her

shoes back on

and rolled the lawn mower

back into the shed.



Copyright – All rights reserved – – June 29, 2014

When you feel like

When you feel like

you are being held

together with chewed

gum and bread ties.

And your eyes feel like


All it takes is a

loud sneeze

to make you shatter.

And they will look

at you while you crumble

and say

whats wrong?



© Copyright – All rights reserved – – June 29, 2014


Skinny Cat

1. When you see the skinny cat your belly will hurt. And at first and at last you won’t understand. You’ll want to pet it, but the ripple of bones under your hand will make you stop. The hairless patches make your fingers recoil. And the belly feeling will come back and twist. You’ll feed the cat every day hoping that one day you won’t be afraid to rub your hands along its back. Then on those cold nights the twisting belly feeling will come back. And you’ll want to cradle the cat but something stops you. You’ll try not to see those round amber eyes when yours are closed. You’ll think about taking the cat to a shelter. Maybe your uncle, who lives alone, would want the cat. But you know his beard is full of beer breath and it won’t work out. Instead you’ll just feed the cat everyday with that belly feeling. You think about naming it. But don’t.


2. The cat will meow when you are home, and swirl a figure 8 around your legs. You’ll buy catnip and little-mouse beanbags, cat treats and meow mix.You’ll make it a fort with a heating pad, hoping to settle away your belly feeling. But those cold nights still come and this time there is snow. But you tell yourself its an animal and this is what fur is for. You’ll pet the cat without fear because its bones are wearing a fur sweater. When you walk back inside the cat will want in but the door shuts and your belly feeling is back. But maybe one day you’ll let it in.


© Copyright – All rights reserved – – June 28, 2014


So I just started this blog yesterday and figured I should probably write myself some sort of introduction. My name is Sara and I grew up in Louisville, KY and am going to school in Asheville, NC. My goal for this blog is to daily post my writing, which is usually poems, and also some of my artwork. I would love to hear feedback, so feel free to leave comments with suggestions, ideas or thoughts. I am excited about sharing my work!Photo on 12-28-12 at 2.17 PM #2